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What is The Candid Cork?

The Candid Cork is a place for wine lovers, friends, and family to connect.

I will be sharing the wines I try so you can taste the same varietal. Then we can share our thoughts and learn from each other!

Each Wednesday I will feature a Wine of the Week, which will focus a little more on the educational topics for that style, like the region, the grapes, the producer etc.

I will be sharing other general information, helpful tools, recipes, and a variety of other topics, too! If there's a specific wine or topic you want to learn more about, let me know!



I've always been sensitive to tastes and smells, often connecting the flavors in food and beverages to experiences in my life. I could often be heard making comments like "this tastes like the smell of the local roller rink I used to go to in elementary school" or "this tastes like the smell of the piano at our old church". I know it sounds completey crazy, but I guess that's just how my brain processes things.  (Raise your hand if you can relate!)


It wasn't until quarantine started that my friend introduced me to the Vivino app and I started using the same process to analyze wines. I quickly became obsessed! From March 14-August 14, I tasted and reviewed 217 wines (that's about 43 wines per month!) I started learning about the wine making process, wine regions, and how to pair wine with food. The more wines I tried, the better I became at reviewing them. Now, I am BY NO MEANS a wine expert. I'm just your average Jane who is thirsting to learn more (see what I did there?)


Around the 200 wine mark I realized that something was missing...a community of wine lovers to connect with! Especially during a global pandemic, I started to feel lonely on my quest for wine knowledge. That's when it hit me; why not share my journey so other wine lovers can join?!

My hope is to get a group of winos connected; tasting the same varietals and discussing opinions over a glass of wine from a region we may never have known existed. So grab a glass, fill it up, and cheers to our wine adventures!



I live in Minneapolis, MN and would consider myself your typical Midwestern gal. I love camping, spending time at the lake, and of course, drinking wine!


I am married to my amazing husband, Joe (everyone calls him Jazzy) and we have two adorable fur children: Ruby (a sassy Boston Terrier Shih Tsu) and Oscar (a loyal and cuddly Pug Chihuahua). 

I am type 1 diabetic (#t1dlookslikeme), and hope to incorporate this part of my life into my online/social media presence. I want to show others how normal life can be with a little planning, moderation, and, of course, insulin. 

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