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Which Wines Pair Well with Burgers?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Happy Saturday, Corkers!

Anyone planning to do some grilling this weekend? If so, try ditching the beers and reach for one of these versatile vinos. They are all VASTLY different, but somehow they all make the perfect mate to your meat. Read on to find out which style suits your preferences and why it works with this summertime staple!

  1. Lambrusco: this fabulous frizzante has concentrated flavors that pair nicely with red meat. Its sparkling sweetness makes it a great match for burgers (think cola or root beer only less sugar and more antioxidants!) Plus, since it's best serve chilled, it's perfect for a hot summer day AND it's budget friendly coming in at around $10/bottle. Need one more reason to try this outstanding "food wine"? It doesn't need to be decanted! You know what that can drink it immediately after opening!

  2. Rose: since this varietal screams summertime, it may seem like an obvious option for a BBQ gathering. Best served cold, it's an ideal option for hot humid day (if you live in MN you know we've had plently of these as of late!) The fruit-forward notes pair nicely with your summertime staples (think fresh watermelon and ripe strawberries) while the acidity cuts the rich flavors in the meat.

  3. Garnacha (Grenache from Spain): this varietal is super versatile and may wind up being the star of the show. Grenache is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world, and is also the most important variety in GSM blends from the Rhone valley. If you like to season your meat with black pepper, you will enjoy the spice notes in this bold and high-intensity wine. This specific varietal is best served at room temperature (which in terms of wine drinking is 60-68 degrees), and is best when decanted for 30 minutes prior to enjoying. You can buy an excellent bottle from a high-quality producer for around $20 and it will store well for up to 10 years.

There you have it! Three very different varietals that will tantilize your tastebuds. Pick one to try, or experiment with them all! I promise you won't regret it. Drop a comment and let me know your favorite wine/burger pairing. Cheers!

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