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Your Complete List of National Wine Holidays

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Are you down in the dumps because you missed National Red Wine Day yesterday? Keep your chins up, Corkers, because with this nifty blog you will never miss a dedicated day of drinking, ever again. Just jot these dates in your calendar and you'll be set to celebrate with the best of us!

Now, first of all, these days aren't exactly official. They are generally started by an organization with a zest for fermented grapes. National Wine Day started in 2009 and since then, several other wine-related events have made their way into the lineup. Saddle in, sippers, here we go:

March 3rd: Mulled Wine Day

April 17th: Malbec Day

May 4th: Sauvignon Blanc Day

May 9th: Moscato Day

May 21st: Chardonney Day

June 11th (or August 14th) : Rose Wine Day

August 1st: Albarino Day

August 4th: White Wine Day

August 18th: Pinot Noir Day

August 28th: Red Wine Day

September 3rd: Cabernet Day

Third Friday in September (dates vary): Grenache Day

November 7th: Merlot Day

November 12th: Tempranillo Day

November 15th: Zinfandel Day

December 31st: Champagne (and other sparkling wine) Day

I encourage you to celebrate these 16 days to the fullest; sip wine, indulge in conversation, and delight in a divine charcuterie arrangement. Cheers, Candid Corkers!

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