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The One Where We Go Nuts for Donuts

Hey, Corkers and Happy National Donut Day!

If you're new around here; welcome! I'm just your average Jane who happens to love wine. For the last seven months or so, I've been pouring myself into all things wine, and two months ago, The Candid Cork was born. Finally, a place to share my wine-related (and often induced) thoughts and ideas. I've loved every moment of getting to know other winos around the world and sharing what I've learned with you!

Now I find myself spending many hours each week exploring new wine regions, sampling different varietals, taking a stab at blind tastings, and of course, experimenting with food and wine pairings. Any time I do a blog about pairings, I do all my own "field research". This means I procure my own foods and several different wines and test several combinations until I find the ones that make my heart and taste-buds sing. Then, I bring you the award winners to save you the time, money, and sometimes stomach distress, of performing such extensive research on your own.

This week, to celebrate National Donut Day, I'm pairing mouth watering donuts with tongue-tingling wines. Let me tell you...this was a rigorous week of research! All of the donuts were provided by Yoyo Bakery in Minnetonka. A family owned business and winner of the Donut Showdown on the Food Network, this bakery uses a special blend of flour and spices to give their goodies a unique flavor and special texture.

So now, pour yourself a glass of the good stuff because we're about to get started and your mouth is going to be a-waterin'!


#5: Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donut with Moscato D'Asti: Ok I know what you're thinking because I thought it, too. This sounds like a terrible combo! First of all, what the F is a sour cream donut? I'd never tried one before but since it's apparently a popular classic, I figured no better time than the present to dunk right in! This pastry incorporates sour cream into the batter and is traditionally dipped in vanilla glaze after frying. The result? A deliciously sweet, cakey delight with a slightly crispy outside. My natural tendency was to pair this treat with a white wine, but the sweetness of the donut made most wines taste flabby and bland. Enter Moscato. I have to preface by stating I don't generally like sweet wines, as least not on their own. That being said, the Moscato held up nicely to the sweet pastry; the two together will have you singing "Hakuna Moscato" in no time!

#4: Apple Fritter and Chenin Blanc: Since the apple fritter is not overly sweet, it pairs well with a non-dessert varietal. The pastry features delicious subtle cinnamon spice notes of everything fall, wrapped up in a cozy, doughy delight. Chenin Blanc boasts notes of apple, brioche, salted butter, allspice, honey, and ginger...need I say more?

#3: Maple Bacon Long John with Blanc de Blancs Brut: Unlike most Champagnes, which incorporate red grapes into the mix, Blanc de Blanc is made entirely from white grapes. Since the pastry is heavy, fatty, and salty, it needs bubbles to cut it. The pastry, almond, and honey notes in the wine are the perfect compliment to the maple-bacon goodness. One bite and you'll immediately want another! This Francois Montand is budget friendly, too, coming it at around $13.00 per bottle from Total WIne. If you really want to ball out, upgrade to won't regret it!

#2: Cinnamon Sugar Donut with Pedro Ximinez Fortified Wine: We all know what a cinnamon sugar donut is, here's a brief introduction to the wine. Pedro Ximinez is a white Spanish grape varietal used to make an intensely sweet, dark, thick, and delicious dessert wine featuring notes of coffee, dark chocolate, toffee, and spice. Combining it with the donut is like pouring chocolate sauce over top...yum!

#1: Classic Chocolate Glazed Donut with Lambrusco: The chocolatey-covered goodness speaks for itself. Lambrusco, meaning "wild grape" is a family of eight closely related Italian grapes that make fortified, slightly sparkling wines. With notes of cherry, creme fraiche, berry sauce, and cocoa powder, this slightly sweet and creamer bubbler not only breaks up the heaviness of the donut, but the flavors create a marriage of chocolate-covered cherry in your mouth. POW!

There you have it, Corkers! Five totally tasty donut and wine pairings sure to tantalize your taste-buds. Try one, or try them all, but either way, drop me a comment and let me know your favorite wines to dunk your donuts in! Don't forget to join my email list here so you can be the first to know about new blogs, promotions, and giveaways, and follow me on Instagram @thecandidcork for Wine of the Week Features, wine recommendations, and daily wine musings.

Until next time....Cheers!

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