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The One with the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Hello, Corkers and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! May we all relish in the things we're thankful for, including the fact that 2020 is almost over...phewffta! What a wild ride it's been.

Whether you're going all out this year or you've decided to play if safe and stay home, online shopping is something we can all take part in safely this holiday season. For that reason, I've decided to share my gift guide in hopes of making your retail therapy a bit more relaxing this year. While this guide does focus on wine-related essentials, I've thrown in some random things at the end that you've been asking about over on my IG page (@thecandidcork.)

I use every item in this list regularly so I KNOW they are all high-quality and worthy products for your ride-or-dies. All of the images (with the exception of the Hailee Sweater Set) are clickable links for your shopping convenience.

Now grab your credit card, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get comfy with your computer because you're about to knock off everyone on your holiday shopping list! Ready, set, go....



  1. Gabriel Glas StandArt Austrian Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 2) - $62.50

The Gabrial Glas Austrian Crystal glass has created quite a stir within the wine community because its unique shape is conducive for sipping just about any varietal - from a full bodied red, to an aromatic white, to a sensational sparker. For that reason, it's perfect for someone who wants to optimize their wine but doesn't have the storage (or the budget) to stock multiple styles of glassware.

The broad base of the bowl is ideal for oxygenating the wine while the top of the glass mimics the shape of the nasal passage. This allows the aromas of the wine to go exactly where you want them.

The Austrian Crystal is durable and dishwasher safe, while the thin glass is ideal for wine-tasting. The glass has no seams or stress points since it is molded as one piece plus, this 2-glass set comes with a microfiber towel. You will never need to worry about fingerprints or water stains again! This set of two is $62.50 and is eligible for Amazon prime. Once you try this stunning stemware, you will never go back! They are LITERALLY the only glass I use.

2. Gabriel Glas StandArt Austrian Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 6 - ETCHING OPTIONAL!) $187.50

The 6 pack option is the perfect gift for the entertainer in your life OR for the person who loves to taste wines side by side! Plus, I was so excited to see this listing offers custom etching on the glasses! This is the perfect way to make your gift next-level. In fact, this may be my Christmas gift to myself this year.

3. Rabbit Professional Grade Wine Opener - $27.99

Ok, moving along from the drinking vessel, obviously you need a bomb wine opener to handle the most stubborn of corks. I've been using this wine opener for years, and I'm telling HOLDS UP!

In my opinion, this version is better than the electric model. It's more reliable, more efficient, and it doesn't need to be charged. This little guy is super easy to use, and the new new 2020 model comes in a gorgeous copper color. At a price point of $27.99 you get the professional grade opener, an extra cork, a foil cutter, and a bottle stopper.

4. Vacu-Vin Wine Saver Pump - $19.99

Speaking of bottle stopper, I know those are fun and festive to have; I mean, who wouldn't want a bobble popping out the top of their half-drunk wine?! The issue is that these stoppers don't really do much in the realm of preserving your wine.

The vacu-vin wine saver on the other hand, removes oxygen from the bottle as you pump, meaning your reds and whites will stay fresher longer. Plus, both the pump and the stoppers make great stocking stuffers!

5. Champagne Stopper - $10.97

Speaking of stocking stuffers, here's another great option. This pressurized champagne stopper keeps your bubbles bubbling days after you pop the cork. The first time I tried mine, I was amazed at how effective it was! It works for any sparkling varietal, too - Cava, Prosecco, you name it!

6. Le Chateau Hand Blown Crystal Wine Decanter - $44.95

So first, what's the point of a decanter? Does it really impact the aromas in your wine? If you've ever swirled your wine before sniffing it, you've experienced the magic of oxidizing it. That's essentially what a decanter does. Plus, it reduces the prevalence of acids and tannins making it smoother and all around just damn delicious.

You can get decanters in all shapes and sizes, but something to consider: the ease and ability to clean it and store it. This specific item is dishwasher safe, though I would recommend handwashing it with warm, soapy water and leaving it upside down on a drying rack to dry. I also prefer decanters with a wide base to allow for more oxidizing to occur.

7. Microfiber Glassware Towels (Pack of 2) - $12.99

I get that this may sound silly; I also get that it might feel a bit strange gifting somebody towels...that being said, the wine enthusiast in your life NEEDS these microfibers in their arsenal! They seriously changed my life. For the longest time, I struggled with water stains on my glassware, but these towels give your glassware the perfect shine every time. They don't leave lint behind like tea towels do, and they dry super fast, too!

8. Wine Folly - The Master Edition - $31.49

The Wine Folly Master Edition has been a godsend for me. It's the ultimate wine guide for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, plus, the graphics make it easy to read and to understand. This book covers all the important topics: wine tasting, wine regions, varietals, flavor profiles, tips on reading wine labels, and lots more! I refer to this guy ALL THE TIME.



The items in this section are items you've frequently asked me about on my IG page (@thecandidcork.)

  1. Hailee Sweater Set from Free People - $128.00

This sweater set is the ULTIMATE lounge-wear. It's so cozy, so cute, and fashionable enough to wear around town for running errands. I've been wearing my set so often; I just can't get enough! Don't believe me? Check out the appearances on my IG!

2. BedHead "A Wave We Go" Hair Waver - $39.99

I switch off between curling, straightening, and crimping my hair, but I get a lot of questions about what styling tool I use to get the crimped look. I use this adjustable waving tool and set it to the lowest "crimp" setting. It's super easy to use and way faster than curling! Plus, it holds for up to three days, even with my fine hair.

3. "I'm Not Drinking Alone, I'm Social Distancing" Stemless Wine Glass - $14.99

This humorous little wine glass has appeared a few times on my IG page, including my 2020 Trick or Treating reel! It's a fun holiday gift that's sure to get a chuckle or two. Plus, it would make a nice stocking stuffer!

That concludes my gift guide: 2020! If there's anything else you've been eyeing on my page and would like me to add, just drop a comment here or send me a DM on Instagram - @thecandidcork.

Enjoy Thanksgiving, however that may look for you....and of course, happy shopping!

Until next time-

Jane Marie

As an Amazon affiliate, I make a small commission on items purchased through the links provided in this blog at no cost to you. This allows me to continue to bring you the content you enjoy. Thank you for your support, Corkers!

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