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Hi! Welcome to the Corker Community!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Part of creating a community is getting to know one another, so I thought I would use my inaugural post to share some random facts about myself.

  1. Wine is my hobby, but I work full time in operations at a metal and hardware supplier in Minneapolis. I love my job and have been working from home for the past 5 months.

  2. I have type 1 diabetes and I wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) on my arm. I know what you're and diabetes don't mix well! Luckily, I'm really good at planning ahead so I can enjoy wine safely (and regularly!)

  3. My husband and I have been married for 5 years; no children but we do have 2 fur children - Oscar (a pug cihuahua) and Ruby (a Boston Terrier Shih-Tsu).

  4. My husband's name is Joe , but everyone calls him Jazzy. He bought me a violin as a post-wedding gift so I could fulfill my life goal of learning to play it. I did learn how to play, though not well.

  5. I've had skin cancer...twice! Embrace your natural skin tone, avoid tanning beds, and always wear sunscreen!

  6. I drink a shameful amount of sparkling a case a day. I prefer LaCroix and Bubly and my favorite flavors are Tangerine, Cherry Lime, and Strawberry.

  7. I have 5 sisters; one older, four younger- we were all born within a 9 year period. Yes, it was hectic, yes, we had a lot of bathrooms growing up, and no they weren't "trying for a boy." (Everyone always asks these questions.)

  8. Jazzy and I love to travel. Our top two bucket list items are cage diving with sharks in South Africa and trekking with gorillas in Uganda.

  9. I'm extremely brand loyal to Subaru. I've always driven one and probably always will.

  10. I have my Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. I majored in Healthcare Management and minored in Psychology. I got my MBA from the College of St. Scholastica with a focus in Change and Leadership.

I would love to learn more about you so drop a comment below or find me on Instagram @thecandidcork! Thanks for joining the Candid Cork Community; I can't wait to learn about wine together! Cheers!

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